Also known as portable sheds, Better Metal Buildings installs and delivers storage and tool sheds across the continental United States. These buildings come with a wood floor and a metal truss foundation. Some models without floors are available. Customers may install cement pads or lay other additional foundation down for the install of their storage unit. These little metal buildings are sturdy, strong, and incredibly convenient. The compact steel structures can fit just about anywhere, adding needed storage space to wherever.


Storage units are available in both the regular style and the a-frame style. The a-frame style has to option to add a vertical roof, rather than the standard horizontal roof. Better Metal Buildings recommends vertical roofs because they are stronger and better resist leakage over time. Vertical sides and ends are also available. The storage units are also available in either 12 gauge or 14 gauge steel. The 12 gauge steel is the stronger of the two and comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.
Add a porch to keep the weather off the door and out of the unit. Depending on the size of storage unit, garage roll up doors are available to make for easy transporting of larger items in and out of the storage or tool shed. Other options include, but limited to, windows, transparent panels, mobile home anchors, insulation, cement anchors, concrete supports, and more. All of BMB buildings are available in any combination of the twelve to thirteen color options (depending upon the provider) they offer.

     American Steel Carports(2-4 weeks) / Eagle Carports (1-3 weeks)




Eagle Carport Portable Buildings(1-3 weeks)

Eagle Carports  offers several sizes in our storage building. However, as with most all of our products, we can build any size to accommodate your need. Our storage buildings can be installed on the ground, on concrete, on asphalt, or on a wood base. The customer must provide the base on which to install our storage buildings. Listed below are our standard size storage buildings.(without wood floors)


 Common Sizes Among Most Metal Building Companies

Building Size

Entrance Type

8 x 8 Walk-In Door
8 x 12 Walk-In Door
10 x 10 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door
10 x 12 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door
12 x 12 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door
12 x 16 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door
12 x 20 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door
14 x 16 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door
14 x 20 6 x 6 Roll-Up Door










American Steel Carports Storage Sheds.(2-4 weeks)

Mini-Storage Units…                      Our Mini-Storage Units are the perfect addition to any backyard. Give us your specifications and we’ll create a unit made to order. Mix and match base and trim colors from our standard 12 color choices. All mini storage units come with a wood treated floor. Each unit comes equipped with a light weight roll-up door for easy lifting.

*  When adding a 4′ porch, the 4′ will not be added to the size of the unit, but it is included in the units length.



















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