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Our high quality metal carports are at the top of the carport industry. With all American made products and materials, our customers are not just buying a superior product, but also supporting the American economy. With free delivery and installation coupled with the high quality buildings and low prices, you just won’t find better value than here at BetterMetalBuildings.com.image


High Quality Metal Buildings

BetterMetalBuildings specializes in high quality carports, enclosed garages, and storage buildings. When it comes to protecting your investments from the elements BetterMetalBuildings has you covered. We have the building to meet your needs.


Exclusive Warranty

We take pride in our work and have an exclusive 20 year warranty (only on 12 gauge products) to stand behind our products. If you are  looking for any type of carport or metal building enclosure you have come to the best in the industry.

Competitive Specialty

Carports and metal buildings are our specialty. We offer competitive pricing and superior quality and products. If you have a design in mind we have a metal building that you will love.

Customers New to Metal Buildings

If you have never considered buying a metal building, consider this: Metal buildings never get termites. Metal buildings never rot. Metal buildings don’t grow mold. Metal buildings don’t catch fire. Metal roofs don’t need to be replaced every 10 years. With our 12 gauge Galvanized steel you’ll get a 20 year rust through warranty. So basically, metal buildings are the toughest structures available. Now if you’re worried about how easy steel structures are to work with, don’t be. With the correct saw blades and screws they are just as, if not more, adjustable and customizable that wood buildings. A great metal building will have a cement foundation and insulation added.

Customers New to Metal Carports

A metal Carport is a great alterative to the old wooden carports because it is both more affordable and will last longer. Some are concerned about the appearance of metal sheeting next to their wood home, but with an elegant side entry carport with dressed legs and sides the fact that the building is metal won’t matter. With 12 color options for the panels and trim, we can even match the house. A Deluxe Carport is prime specimen of steel engineering creating an attractive and strong structure.

Advantages of a Metal Carport or Building

box-eve-triple-wide-with-gable-ends-and-vertical-roof_384_216_90Advances in the design of steel carports/garages have led and increasing number of people to choose them over traditional garages. These advances can either equal the benefits presented by traditional garages or exceed them.


* Cost – Steel carports provide a solution that costs a fraction of what a traditional garage addition would run whether the carport is installed professionally or as a do it yourself project. The lower cost can actually turn the purchase of a steel carport into an investment that adds to the value of the property.

* Variations in style and appearance – Design advances in manufacturing now allow for build to order customized steel garages in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. These options mean that a steel garage can now be built to match the home or other buildings.

* Strength with low maintenance – A steel carport delivers strength and durability over the long term without the need for maintenance. A steel carport won’t suffer from expansion/contraction, termites, dry rot and a host of other issues that face wooden structures.

* Light weight components – Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any construction material. The light weight of a carport’s can make assembly easier and open the possibility of saving money by doing it yourself.

These factors give steel carports many advantages over traditional garages and should definitely be considered when deciding on adding a structure of this type.











Getting Ready for a Purchase

When deciding what kind of building to get and how big to get it, one should follow this list:

  • What do I need my metal building for?
  • Will the building have one or more purposes?
  • What Type of building will best fit this need? (Carport, garage, barn, loafing shed, utility carport, workshop, warehouse, or something else?)
  • Will this building need to be certified? (Contact your local building department at the court house)
  • What style of this building do I want (regular, A-Frame?)
  • What roof style will I want? (Horizontal or vertical)
  • If I need roll up doors, how tall will they need to be? (Walls will need to be as tall or as tall as 2’ taller than the doors)
  • How tall will I need the building to be?
  • What square footage do I need and how much space do I have to work with?
  • What options or extras will I want? (They include walk-in doors, windows, extra panels, special anchors, skylights, kick walls, gabled ends, wood floors, and more)
  • What kind of foundation is this building going to need?
  • How much can I afford? (A 10% Deposit is required to place an order)
Our Direct Sales Department can help you with these questions.  toll free: 844-807-1727

After the purchase, before delivery

There are several things a customer may need to do before the installers can install the customers’ building on the site they want. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the foundation for the carports or building. This may mean having concrete foundation poured in or leveling a plot of land. Also, the customer needs to contact the “call before you dig” guys in their area because anchors that burrow up to 4’ maybe used , and the customer is responsible for damages to underground lines, pipes, or wires. Delivery time does vary for many reasons including location and order size, and customers need to be realistic about the time it will take us to get them their order. Our average delivery times vary by area but are anywhere from 2-6 weeks. The longest we ever hope to keep a customer waiting for his/her building is 60 days. But for most locations our delivery times are reliably 2 – 4 weeks.  Installation time depends mostly on the building size and a little on the weather and foundation, but our crews can fully install an average carport in under 2 hours, an average garage in about 6 hours, and an average barn in about 8 hours. Once the building is complete the customer will have a chance to approve the building and will then pay the remainder of their balance.


Some areas require customers to acquire permits before the installers can construct a building there. This is determined by the City, County, and State building codes. It is the customer’s responsibility to find out if a permit is required and to acquire it. This can normally be done at the county courthouse or the city building department. Our buildings are “Certified” buildings that meet your state and local requirements . We also offer drawings and calculations on certified buildings. Drawing are usually required in order to be approved for a permit by the city or county. Arizona, Nevada, and California require permits for most if not all buildings. Most high elevation areas require certification to meet snow loads, and most coastal areas require certification for wind loads.

Uncertified VS Certified


1. Basic Model.

2. 12 or 14 Gauge Construction Available.
3. For Use Where Permits Are NOT REQUIRED.
4. 10 Day Workmanship Warranty.
5. 20 Year Limited Warranty On 12 Gauge Models.
6. Great For Garages, Carports, Utility Buildings, Metal Buildings And Barns.
7. Can Be Customized To Your Specifications.
8. Free Delivery And Installation.
9. Galvanized Steel Construction.
10. Standard Pin Anchors.
11. Braces On Each Corner.

12. Center Braces.


1. 12 or 14 Gauge Construction Available.

2. For Use Where Permits Are REQUIRED, (Certified By An Engineer).
3. 20 Year Limited Warranty On 12 Gauge Models.
4. Great For Garages, Carports, Utility Buildings, Metal Buildings And Barns.
5. Can Be Customized To Your Specifications.
6. Free Delivery And Installation.
7. Galvanized Steel Construction.
8. Certified For Wind And Snow Loads.
9. Engineering Plans Available (wet Stamp are additional).
10. Mobile Home or Concrete Anchors.
11. Braces on Every Bow.
12. Braces on Every Leg.


We  do not install or level foundations. It is the customer’s responsibility to have this taken care of before delivery and installation, otherwise the building will be installed as is. The customer will be called 2-3 days before installation to confirm that they and the foundation are ready. Our installers can install a building on ground or cement and some odd foundations such as boat docks. We use cement anchors that are self-tapping into the cement so customers will not need to worry about installing uprights or anchors in a cement foundation.


Width: Is measured from outside to outside of frame Height: The leg height of a building. (the peak will be taller) Important! Length: The length of the frame will be 1 ft shorter than the length of the roof on Horizontal roof  buildings


All our buildings are constructed with  strong and durable steel, that is double galvanized. They offer a standard 14 gauge 2 1/2” X 2 1/2” square tubing ( 10 day workmanship warranty). As an  option, buildings can be constructed with a stronger 12 gauge 2 1/4” X 2 1/4″ square tubing ( 20 year rust through warranty) at an additional charge.  Large buildings that are built with the web truss construction are built with a variety of gauges, but still com with the 20 year rust through warranty.


Roof panels are 29 gauge steel with baked enamel. They are available in standard lengths of 21′, 26′ and 31′ and in 12 different colors.

Roof Styles

1. Regular Style
Regular Style is most easily recognizable by the structure having rolled eave sides.
The regular style carport includes:
-5′ standard leg height on 14 gauge
-6′ standard leg height on 12 gauge
-6″ roof overhang on ends
– Trim on front and back
– Horizontal roof ( sheet metal ridges run from front to rear)
2. A-Frame Style
A-Frame style has peaked appearance as the eaves of a residential home.
The standard features include:
-6′ standard leg height
-6″ roof overhang on both sides and ends
– Trim on both sides and ends
– Horizontal roof (sheet metal ridges run from front to rear)
3. A-Frame Style with Vertical Roof
The vertical roof option is only available on the A-Frame style. The sheet metal ridges will run vertically from the center of the peak to the sides. This unit also includes a 6″ overhang on the eave sides. Vertical roof option is recommended in areas with high snow fall. Hat channel is added to reinforce the structure.