Quality and affordability are two traits that describe the regular (rounded corner) carports offered by BetterMetalBuildings. The industrial design with superior building materials allows BetterMetalBuildings to erect shockingly sturdy metal carports at very low prices. As the most affordable carport offered by this steel building manufacturer, the regular style metal carport remains the most popular style among new shoppers.

regular style carport
Regular style carport
Regular style carports are available in 12 and 14 gauge steel framing. The 14 gauge is standard, but if upgraded to the stronger 12 gauge steel, the building will receive a 20 year rust through warranty. Certification is also available on the Regular style carports. At different levels of certification, a regular style carport can be constructed to meet or exceed building codes and regulations in most areas.


All regular style carports come with a standard horizontal roof. The 29 gauge panels run perpendicular to the bows (metal arches that make up the framework of the roof) and assist in the structural integrity. Additional braces and bows may also be added to increase the vigor of the steel building.


Options and extras – Options that are available for the regular style carport include gabled ends, extra panels, extra braces, extra bows and legs, height extensions, pitch adjustment (standard pitch is 3/12), concrete anchors, mobile home anchors, optional ground concrete supports, 12 gauge upgrade, certification, roof insulation, and 12 color options.

RV Cover metal carport

Regular style Utility Carport
Regular style Utility Carport




**NOW OFFERING DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION of 1-3 weeks(prices and delivery times  may vary in your area) **

Some example of Products


Pay 10%- 15% down and the rest is due at Delivery and Installation.
•Choose the color of the roof and trim.
•You need to sign the contract by E-sign. (Fill out the quote form with all the info and a contract will be filled out and be ready for your signature)
•They Contact you a week before they come out.
•Free Delivery and Installation
For variations of these products please fill out the quote form and you will be contacted with the information you need.
Or call Tom at 318-820-1139
Prices for most states( may vary for your location). Delivery time is 1-3 weeks for most states.- (may vary for your location).Applies to AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, VA


14 Gauge Regular Style Carport 12x21x6 – Non-Certified

  • Standard braces and Rebar Anchors
  • Sales Price $695+tax(your state and local)
  • down payment – $69.00

14 Gauge Regular Style Carport 12x21x6- Certified –

  • Extra braces and Upgraded Ground Anchors
  • 30 day workmanship warranty
  • 20# snow load warranty
  • 110 MPH wind load warranty
  • Sales Price $845+tax(your state and local)
  • down payment – $84.00